I am working as food/beerstylist since 1996, during this time i cooperated with almost all major brands and clients in
many countries.

I was lucky to cooperate with many great directors and photographers, i have to name specialy Mr. David Wynn-
Jones. He made me to love the work with high speed camera and sfx.

Most of all i allways do my best to deliver perfect work and i realy care about my clients. In last years i am also doing
a lot of art directing, using my experiences from all the jobs i have done As a team we are able to deliver the job all
inclusive, art direction, decoration and foodstyling together.

pizza hut, danone, kraft food, haagen dazs, maggi, valio finland, mother diary india, tia rosa mexico, inmarko icecream
russia, knorr, muller joghurt germany, algida icecream, doctor oetker, zviezda croatia, creta farm greece, vitana, nestle,
pickwick tea, nescafe, becherovka, meggle, emco, luATina, kfc, mc donaldä€ ™Ms and many others…

pilsner urquel, staropramen, kozel, stela artois, gambrinus, zlatē baLlant- heiniken slovakia, tiger beer

garnier, vidal sasoon, inmarko iceream.